About us

Our company offers car rental services in Bucharest. Currently, we
focus on our premium cars such as Mercedes Benz S Class Coupe mention four
Matic, GrandCoupe M6, Porsche Cayenne, BMW X5 and Volkswagen Touareg on
Besides our fleet comprises Volkswagen Passat 2015
Volkswagen Tiguan. All our models have automatic transmission and a high
Some of them wheel drive. What can it offer to other Pero Cars
car rental companies in Bucharest? Daily rental services
machines to the highest standards to our customers. We also offer
Rent a car with driver and armed guard guard
body. Corporate clients will benefit from the new service car rental
long-term. Take advantage now and choose the right car rental
your requirements!


Luxury Cars

Premium Services

Fleet vehicles

Regardless of destination, Perocars will gladly provide you with a car that reflects your personality. Enjoy the freedom movement throughout choosing your own pace.

Mercedes Benz S 63 AMG Coupe 4 matic-750 Eur/day, 700 Eur/zi 2-4 days, 2500 Eur weekend (Friday-Sunday) (guarantee 6000 Eur)
Volkswagen Touareg-Vw Touareg 130 Eur 1-3 days, 110 Eur 3-n days (guarantee 1000 Eur)
Volkswagen Tiguan-1-3 days, 80 Eur 3-n days (guarantee 500 Eur)
Volkswagen Passat-1-3 days, 80 Eur 3-n days(guarantee 500 Eur)
Porche Cayenne
Mercedes Benz S Class Coupe-500 Eur/day, 400 Eur/day 2-4 days, 1000 Eur weekend (Friday-Sunday) (guarantee 5000 Eur)
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